Eco Open Day
As part of Festival of The Earth, Eco Open Day was an event hosted by The Art House to encourage the local community to choose sustainable options. Whether that be choosing to cycle to work or using sustainable materials while being creative, there were activities for everyone to learn about our impact on the environment. 
The Art House illustration was the central part of the design for Eco Open Day. I was responsible for creating The Art House likeness as well as the CEO's (see if you can spot Sydney in the images below- she is the lady on the peach bike!). The illustration was an exciting opportunity to try something new but I also worked on typical graphic design tasks, like translating the illustration into assets needed to promote the event. Promotional assets ranged from flyers to large digital displays. 
In collaboration with The Art House.​​​​
Sunflower stickers added to items in The Art House shop which are sustainably sourced.

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