Inspired by my relationship with my younger sister, Megan, Megzine is an anecdotal zine which discusses female sexual health. It is designed with her at its centre, incorporating elements of her handwriting and remarks she has made to me. Megzine is intended to be mailed to its audience, similar to how Megan and I send letters to one another. This enables the zine to reach a wide audience and creates a sense of intimacy. 
This endeavour is influenced by my own personal experience with the sexual health curriculum at school which was poor and even harmful in some instances. Schools, in the UK, have the ability to opt out of teaching their students any form of sexual education which leaves their pupils vulnerable. And while many schools try to educate- they tend to focus on sex from a reproductive position without discussing various subjects from consent to LGBTQ+ relationships. 
The aim of Megzine is to target teenage girls in the hope that they will grow free of harmful myths about the body and surrounded by a community of sisters.

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